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Federal Crackdown On Drunk Driving In Truckers

Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2012 report that drunk driving accidents or truck accidents were responsible for almost 38 percent of Florida's vehicular fatalities that year. In Bay County, the number is even higher. Together, large truck accidents and collisions involving alcohol claimed 42 percent of all lives lost in automobile crashes countywide.

Alcohol And Trucks Together

Individually, drunk driving accidents and tractor-trailer accidents can cause severe results to victims. When drunk drivers are also truck drivers, the potential for serious consequences can be even higher.

National media stories highlight some recent situations involving commercial drivers operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • KTLA news ran a story about a truck driver who allegedly hit another vehicle on a freeway in the middle of the night, killing the other driver. The truck driver then continued driving until he hit a wall near the freeway, after which he left his vehicle on foot. He was arrested when found by police roughly a mile away and is now facing multiple criminal charges for the incident.
  • Midwest news media reported on a flatbed truck driver that hit a vehicle driven by an 83-year-old woman. Both drivers were taken to the hospital and the driver of the truck is reported to have been operating his truck under the influence of narcotic drugs.
  • reported on a fatal accident caused by a truck driver with an excessively high blood alcohol content of .22 percent. He rear-ended another vehicle, the driver of which died in the accident.
  • A third DUI arrest for a driver in Ohio has also led to the suspension of his commercial driver's license according to the Sandusky Register. The man's blood alcohol level was measured to be more than three times what is legally allowed.

Stories like these back up the statistics showing the dangers of combining drugs or alcohol with large commercial vehicles. For these reasons, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is creating a new program designed to reduce such situations.

How Will It Work?

The program will prevent drivers from being hired for new driving positions unless they have first passed substance testing. They will also have their records reviewed by employers every year after that. Commercial drivers who are convicted of impaired driving offenses will have their convictions noted in a national database and will only be allowed to drive commercially again after completing the designated steps.

Prompt Help Makes A Difference

Victims of serious truck accidents should make seeking legal assistance a priority. Getting help as soon as problems arise can make appropriate compensation more possible.