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Spike In Drunk Driving Accidents During The Holiday Season

As residents in Bay County, Florida, begin to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, the primary focus for most people is on a wealth of joyous and fun occasions. However, there is another tragic reality for this time of year that must not be ignored. The rate of drunk driving accidents and associated injuries and fatalities spikes over the holiday season every year.

Ever Present Danger Of Drunk Driving

Statistics from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Mothers Against Drunk Driving for 2012 show that driving while under the influence of alcohol is an ongoing problem. Some detailed data includes the following:

  • The NHTSA reports that 29 percent of all accident fatalities in Florida resulted from drunk driving accidents.
  • According to the NHTSA, Bay County's rate of alcohol-related vehicular deaths was higher than the state rate at 33 percent.
  • MADD indicates that 17,199 crashes involving alcohol caused 12,016 personal injuries and 697 deaths statewide.
  • Florida law enforcement made 53,664 DUI arrests.
  • A total of 28,689 people were convicted of DUI charges.

Numbers like these should make people in Florida take note as the risk of being involved in a drunk driving collision is ever present.

Holidays Increase The Risk

While an accident caused by an impaired driver can happen anytime and anywhere, the risk of such accidents does rise dramatically over holiday times. The NHTSA published statistics showing drunk driving fatalities rates through the Christmas and New Year holidays as compared with the other 25 days in December.

Between 2001 and 2005, vehicular fatalities in the United States related to impaired driving crashes accounted for 40 percent of all such deaths over the Christmas and New Year periods. This compares with 28 percent for the remainder of December.

For 2005 alone, the 25 non-holiday days in December recorded an average of 34 drunk driving deaths per day. Over the three days identified as the main Christmas holiday days that number rose to 46 deaths per day. Over the three days identified as the main New Year holiday dates that number rose even further to 55 deaths per day.

Know How And When To Get Help

It is important for all drivers and passengers to know that they have access to help when serious injury or death results from an auto accident. Heading into the holiday season, it is important to be prepared to contact an attorney promptly in such situations. Every victim deserves compensation when tragedy strikes and professional experience can help that happen.