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Help For Victims Of Brain Injuries

The impact a brain injury can have on a victim and family members can last a lifetime. The medical expenses, lost opportunities and emotional trauma alone can be almost unbearable. At Perry & Young, P.A., in Panama City and Tallahassee, Florida, we are here to help you and your family through this time of turmoil. Someone is likely responsible for the accident that caused the brain injury. Our skilled personal injury lawyers will quickly go to work, investigating the accident, establishing liability and pursuing the compensation you are entitled to receive.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a brain injury caused by someone else's negligence, call Perry & Young, P.A., at 850-215-7777. Our go teams are available 24/7.

Causes And Effects Of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), can be the result of many different types of accidents, including:

Often, brain injuries cannot be seen because they are closed head injuries. This, along with the fact that victims may not begin to feel symptoms of a brain injury until several hours or days after an accident, can make it difficult to know if an injury occurred. If you hit your head or you are experiencing any pain after an accident, it's important to seek medical attention.

Free Consultation With An Attorney

For a free evaluation of your case, call our Panama City brain injury attorneys at 850-215-7777. You can also send us an email through our online contact form, and we will be in touch with you shortly.