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How dog owners can be negligent

The numbers on dog bites from the Florida Department of Health are not exactly uplifting. For example, more than 600 Floridians visit the hospital every year due to dog bites, and about two Floridians die from dog bite injuries per year.

Here is an overview on why some of these bites occur and the role owner negligence plays:

Is your phone dangerous?

If you are like most people, you use your phone for hours at a time every day. You text, email, browse social media and even play games with it—and on top of all that, you can accessorize it to display your personality. You probably do this by keeping your phone in a trendy case.

What you might not expect is that phones, as well as their cases and other accessories, could be dangerous. 

3 most dangerous negligent actions on the road

Driving is a dangerous activity, but it is often mandatory to get to work, run errands and go about your daily life. Avoiding accidents can be a challenge even for the safest of drivers. It may seem as though the emergence of smart phones and other technologies has only made drivers even more reckless. There are some actions on the road that are particularly negligent and drivers should avoid them at all costs.

The following are three examples of such. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as many as 4,000 Florida drivers are in fatal accidents in a given year, so it is more important than ever to avoid these driving dangers.

Why construction zones can be dangerous

“Tedium” is a word many people might associate with construction zones. After all, they slow traffic and can delay a trip or commute by 30 minutes or more.

However, “danger” is another appropriate word to link to construction zones. Despite their tedium, or perhaps because of it, these zones can be dangerous. Here is a look at some reasons why:

What common types of car accident injuries are you at risk for?

Living in Florida means there is no shortage of motorists on the streets, especially during the summer. More drivers also mean that there is a higher risk of car accidents. It may seem that the risk of injury is lower for minor fender benders. But there are many factors that determine whether or not a person sustains injuries in a motor vehicle accident. You cannot judge the scene of an accident or the amount of property damage to know what kind of car accident injuries a person may have. 

Learn about the common types of injuries that occur in car accidents so you know what kind of impact they can have on your life. 

One hidden danger of a rear-end collision

Rear-end collisions happen to many drivers every day. Sometimes, these wrecks are minor. For example, you could have been sitting at a red light when the car behind you edged into you. An inspection reveals no damage to your vehicle and perhaps not to the other car.

Other times, these collisions result in visible damage to at least one car. However, one hidden danger of a rear-end collision has to do with the fact that injuries such as whiplash can get much worse months after an accident.

Ways motorists can make the roads safer

Car accidents are becoming common scenes on the roads in Panama City. Whether alcohol or distractions are contributing factors, they are all preventable. You have a personal obligation to do your part to help keep the roads safe even though you are not a commercial driver. Every action you take to protect yourself can help to eliminate some of the driving dangers that you and other motorists face. Incorporate the following safety suggestions into your driving routine to reduce the number of collisions and fatalities that occur on the roads.

Put away distractions

Failure to diagnose and medical malpractice

When doctors make mistakes, the consequences can be devastating. People who suffer this type of harm look for ways to get redress. Litigants feel motivated by the fact that a medical error can vastly increase medical bills, cause pain, disability and loss of the ability to earn money. On an emotional level, many people feel strongly that fairness demands the punishment of a physician who causes this kind of suffering.

What can you do if you suspect elderly abuse or neglect?

You took your time and did everything right when you chose the assisted living home in Panama City your elderly loved one now lives in. However, you suspect they are being abused or mistreated in some way that has resulted in mild to severe injuries over the course of the last few months. Although you may not want to make any accusations without proof, here are some things you can do to if you if suspect nursing home negligence and abuse.

Causes of medication errors

A common problem in Panama City that is becoming more prevalent in the healthcare community is medication errors. More patients are receiving the wrong types and doses of medications for their conditions. This increases their risk of suffering complications from their ailments, developing new conditions and even dying significantly. According to ProPublica, injuries and complications that are related to medication errors are preventable in 59 percent of cases. People who rely on medication should make themselves aware of the common reasons that such errors occur so they can protect themselves.

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