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More than 20 vehicles, plus 6 trucks, involved in pileup crash

Shared liability is a crucial aspect to determining fault in many car accidents. Since a great number of motor vehicle accidents involve more than two vehicles, it can be difficult to definitively say who deserves what portion of blame for the wreck, especially when it comes to damages. This is where shared liability comes in. It divvies the liability among the parties involved -- even the people who could objectively be considered the "victims" of the crash. They played a role in the crash after all, and thus, they share a portion of that liability (even though it may be a very small percentage).

It may seem like a confusing concept, but it is a very important one. Now, shared liability is often used in tractor trailer accidents, mainly because these big, heavy and powerful vehicles have a penchant for barreling through vehicles and on into other ones ahead of the initial crash scene.

Trucks, when involved in an accident, leave many people hurt and suffering; and nothing shows that more than a recent wreck in Canada that involved an astonishing number of vehicles -- including many tractor trailers.

The pile-up crash saw six semi-trucks and roughly 20 other vehicles involved, leaving a scene of twisted metal and carnage. According to a report, 40 people were injured in the crash, and 13 people were injured enough that they need to be hospitalized. Shared liability will be crucial in determining who is at fault in this accident. Without it, how would anyone know which collision between which vehicles caused their injuries?

Source: CTV News, "Thirteen sent to hospital after six semi-trucks and over 20 vehicles crash," Nov. 30, 2013

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