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When Dangerous Products Cause Injury

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an accident involving any type of product, from vehicles to electrical appliances to children's toys, it is important to contact a law firm with experience handling these types of cases. At Perry & Young, P.A., in Panama City, Florida, we work to hold negligent product designers, manufacturers, distributors and sellers accountable for the devastating injuries caused by defective products.

To speak with our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys about an accident involving a defective product, call 850-215-7777. Our go teams are available 24/7.

Advocates For Victims Of Defective Products

When you buy a car or your doctor prescribes a medication, you trust that the product you are using is safe. However, many dangerous and defective products make it into our homes and vehicles every day. When they cause serious injuries and deaths, someone must be held responsible.

Our lawyers have experience handling cases involving injuries caused by a variety of dangerous products such as:

To determine liability in an injury accident caused by a defective product, at Perry & Young, P.A., we work with a wide network of experts, including engineers who specialize in product liability.

Defective Product Attorneys Serving The Florida Panhandle

For a free evaluation of your case, call our Tallahassee product liability attorneys at Perry & Young, P.A., at 850-215-7777. You can also send us an email through our online contact form, and we will be in touch with you shortly.