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Failure to diagnose and medical malpractice

When doctors make mistakes, the consequences can be devastating. People who suffer this type of harm look for ways to get redress. Litigants feel motivated by the fact that a medical error can vastly increase medical bills, cause pain, disability and loss of the ability to earn money. On an emotional level, many people feel strongly that fairness demands the punishment of a physician who causes this kind of suffering.

Causes of medication errors

A common problem in Panama City that is becoming more prevalent in the healthcare community is medication errors. More patients are receiving the wrong types and doses of medications for their conditions. This increases their risk of suffering complications from their ailments, developing new conditions and even dying significantly. According to ProPublica, injuries and complications that are related to medication errors are preventable in 59 percent of cases. People who rely on medication should make themselves aware of the common reasons that such errors occur so they can protect themselves.

Medical mistakes take many forms

The majority of medical professionals here in Florida diligently perform their duties every day in order to safeguard the lives of their patients. However, mistakes can -- and do -- still happen that cause serious or fatal injuries to the lives they are supposed to protect. Those mistakes take many forms and might constitute medical malpractice.

Doctor, hospital liable for $55 million after botched childbirth

Childbirth is supposed to be simple; it's supposed to be routine; and it's supposed to be the happiest moment of a family's life. These are blanket statements, and of course things could go wrong -- but they're just not supposed to. However, sometimes the doctors and nurses on hand simply fail to uphold the most basic standards of medical care, forever change the life of the baby and the family.

Punctured colon during surgery causes woman severe complications

A woman has been left disfigured and without most of her hearing after a "laparoscopic removal of an ectopic pregnancy" -- a basic gynecological procedure -- was botched. One of the surgeons punctured the woman's colon, resulting in a bevy of severe medical complications. Her blood was poisoned as a result of the surgical error, and she then suffered from gangrene. Her condition deteriorated as a result of three heart attacks.

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