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As the coronavirus surges through the United States countless people will continue to be a victim and suffer injuries in car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, personal injury, and defective products. The injured party still can bring a personal injury claim to fruition during the COVID-19 to obtain compensation for their injuries. Although, the methodical legal system has been altered a bit during this pandemic, and as a result, clients need to be aware of how this will affect their claim.

The court system being closed is one of the issues resulting in personal injury cases being delayed in their ability to go to trial. Although the majority of cases settle prior to going to trial it is quite common for the case to see at least one hearing in court. On a positive note technology is on our side and depositions, mediations, arbitration, or settlement negotiations are being implemented via teleconference in lieu of personal appearances.

Due to the financial hardships, the COVID-19 has caused for many individuals victims are wanting to settle their case sooner than they normally would have. Some have lost their jobs or receiving unemployment benefits due to the COVID-19 might be a decrease in pay and as a result, causing the client to feel financial pressure. Insurance companies and their adjusters might be inclined to use this situation to their advantage and offer an unrealistic settlement offer. This virus has caused a trickledown effect in respect to who is affected financially. It is probable that the insurance companies have taken a hit as well as their profits have diminished, and they may provide more resistance than usual when it comes to attempting to minimize a claim. If they cannot get you to settle too soon it will be probable that more cases, go to trial or at least see a longer litigation period.

Being that the majority of Americans have taken a punch to their pocketbook some have had to allow their insurance to lapse. With that being said there are more uninsured motorists on the roads. Victims that are faced with someone who does not carry insurance are less likely to recover compensation from the driver’s personal assets. That is why we should all review our insurance policies to make sure it includes uninsured/underinsured motorist policy.

Personal Injury cases require a victim to receive medical treatment as recommended by their healthcare providers in order to receive the compensation they deserve. This is the primary way to prove the extent of the victim’s injuries and costs. The Covid-19 has caused many of us to question even going to a doctor’s office, physical therapy facility much less a hospital for testing or treatments. Although this is a reasonable concern it is important for the sake of the victim’s health as well as vital to the case.

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