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Truck Accidents

Florida Truck Accident Lawyers

Representing Victims of Semi-Truck & Tractor-Trailer in Northwest Florida

Were you hit by a commercial truck, big rig, or semi-truck in Northwest Florida? The injury claim you should file against the liable parties could be more complicated than you expect, and its result could be more important than you first realize. With a successful claim, you could get the compensation you need to recover and get your life back on track.

Give yourself a fair chance when fighting for the compensation you deserve after a wreck. Start by calling the truck accident lawyers of Perry & Young. With our legal team leading the way, you can confidently pursue the compensation you need and deserve. We prepare each case from the beginning as if it were to go to trial; although, most cases we handle are resolved through negotiated settlements.

Why Choose Perry & Young?

Why you should pick Perry & Young to represent you:

  • We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in hard-fought cases for our clients.
  • We have extensive experience in trucking accident cases.
  • We founded our firm in 2008 with a focus on representing those injured by others.
  • We have trial attorneys on our team who can take your case to litigation.
  • We only get paid attorney fees if we end your case with a settlement or award.

Perry & Young has a nationwide presence for trucking accident claims, lawsuits, and trials, so you can depend on us to help you, no matter what state you call home. Attorneys Larry Perry and Les McFatter both have extensive experience and are recognized coast-to-coast by their legal peers for outstanding truck accident case victories throughout the years. When you want powerful, reliable counsel that can handle anything, even complex trials, you’ll want to choose our law firm first.

Different Types of Truck Accidents We Represent

Truck accidents can occur in many ways, each with its own unique set of circumstances and potential for damage. The intricacies involved in the average truck accident demand a thorough understanding of the law and federal trucking regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Rather than digging into law books and legalese, turn to our truck accident attorneys to be your guides and representatives from start to finish. We have the resources and experience needed to investigate any type of truck accident, regardless of its details or how it happened.

Common types of truck accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions: When a truck hits the vehicle in front of it, the large size and weight of the truck can result in significant damage and severe injuries to people in the smaller vehicle.
  • Rollover accidents: A rollover accident happens when a truck tips over onto its side or roof. Vehicles in adjacent lanes can be at immediate risk of being crushed under the heavy trailer.
  • Jackknife accidents: A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer of a truck swings out to form a 90-degree angle with the cab. Multiple lanes of traffic can be in danger during a jackknife accident, depending on the length of the trailer.
  • Loose cargo accidents: When a truck’s cargo is not properly secured, it can shift or fall off the truck, causing accidents. Loose cargo can cause direct damage by hitting other vehicles, or indirect damage by forcing vehicles to swerve or stop suddenly.
  • Negligent hiring practices: The root of a truck accident can be the flaws within the trucking company. Negligent hiring, entrustment, supervision, and training can all contribute to the problem, and ultimately, put a truck driver on the road who is not a safe fit for the role.

Discuss your legal options with Perry & Young today. Call (850) 215-7777 to schedule a FREE case evaluation.

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"They are dedicated to helping you and will go above and beyond for you."
I have used Ted Howell and Trina at this firm to help me for my claim and have referred other people as well to them that they have helped. They are dedicated to helping you and will go above and beyond for you. You will never have to wonder what is going on with your case as they always keep you in the loop. I highly recommend Ted and Trina if you need someone in your corner!
- Hollie H.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Our Northwest Florida truck accident attorneys at Perry & Young have a detailed understanding of the many causes of truck accidents. We can use our vast resources to meticulously investigate any truck accident claim brought to our attention, with the goal of placing full liability on the truck driver or trucking company. If your liability can be kept at 0%, your recovery amount won’t be reduced if it is secured, so knowing the ins and outs of truck accident causes is an important step in the legal claims process. Of course, we’re always ready to go to trial and prove the defendant is responsible.

Common causes of truck accidents vary, such as:

  • Speeding: Breaking the speed limit not only reduces a truck driver’s ability to steer safely but also extends the distance required to stop the truck. Speeding is a common factor in rear-end collisions involving big rigs.
  • Exhaustion: Truck drivers often cover great distances and work long hours, sometimes up to 14 hours in a single shift. Fatigue can significantly impair their ability to react quickly and make safe decisions.
  • Impairment: Drugs and alcohol can dangerously impair a truck driver’s reaction time, vision, and motor control.
  • Loose cargo: Poorly secured cargo can fall off a truck and into traffic. All cargo in or on any trailer must be secured properly to prevent such accidents.
  • Top-heavy vehicles: Trucks loaded heavily on top are more prone to rollovers, particularly when making turns, navigating uneven road surfaces, or driving through high-wind areas.
  • Brake defects: Faulty or poorly maintained brakes can fail, making it impossible for the driver to slow down or stop the truck. Other truck part defects can contribute to truck accidents, too.
  • Wheel runoff: When a commercial truck’s wheel separates from the rest of the vehicle while it is in motion, the wheel or tire can roll off and hit nearby vehicles in what is called a wheel runoff accident.

Liable Parties in Truck Accident Claims

Who is liable for your truck accident? You might be surprised to find that several parties could potentially be held liable. Through our investigation, we can look for proof of liability, which may extend beyond just the truck driver.

The parties that could be liable for a truck accident might be:

  • Truck driver: If the truck driver’s negligence or recklessness led to the accident, they could be held directly liable, and you might be able to file against their privately purchased insurance policy.
  • Trucking company: If the truck driver was employed by a trucking company at the time of the accident, the company could also bear responsibility due to the legal principle known as respondeat superior, which holds employers liable for the actions of their employees carried out within the scope of their employment.
  • Cargo loading company: If the cargo was improperly loaded or secured by a third party, leading to an accident, the company responsible for loading the cargo could be held partially liable.
  • Truck maintenance company: If the accident was caused by a mechanical failure that should have been prevented with proper maintenance, the company in charge of maintaining the truck could be liable, assuming it is a separate company from the trucking company.
  • Freight broker: A truck broker is licensed to subcontract loads from trucking companies to individual drivers. This “middleman” party can be liable for a truck accident if it negligently arranges for the wrong truck driver or vehicle to haul a load (e.g., assigning an overweight load to an undersized commercial vehicle). 

Serious Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

A heavy, large commercial truck colliding with a smaller passenger vehicle creates a significant disparity in force. This difference often results in extensive wreckage and severe injuries due to the sheer power exerted by the larger vehicle. The impact of such accidents can be catastrophic, often leading to serious injuries that require long-term medical care or result in permanent disability.

Serious injuries caused by truck accidents can include the following and more:

Compensation Owed in Truck Accident Cases

At Perry & Young, we are dedicated to getting the compensation that our clients need to “be whole” again. In other words, we want to get the most compensation possible to help you recover as much as possible from the truck accident. In cases of permanent injuries and disabilities, it might not be possible to “get back” to how you were before the crash, but it is worth fighting to help you live in as much comfort as you can manage. No matter the total value of your case and how it must be achieved – through a settlement or jury verdict – we will be ready to stand up for you.

Compensation that you could be owed after a truck accident could consider:

  • Medical expenses you have already incurred.
  • Costs of future medical care and therapy.
  • Lost wages if you have missed work.
  • Future income earning capacity loss.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Lessened enjoyment of life.
  • Shortened life expectancy.
  • Property damage and vehicle repair costs.
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Get Comprehensive Legal Help from Perry & Young

From the start of your case to its conclusion, our truck accident attorneys are ready to stand by your side and lead the way. You can rest and focus on other important parts of your life while we get to work.

We can handle all parts and steps of your case, such as:

  • Investigating the truck accident.
  • Determining liability for the collision.
  • Calculating the damages you have suffered.
  • Sending a demand letter to the liable parties.
  • Preparing and filing an injury claim.
  • Attempting to negotiate a fair settlement.
  • Litigating for you in a courtroom trial if needed.
  • Ensuring any recovery is collected promptly and used correctly.

You deserve a legal team that believes in you and genuinely cares about your future recovery. Find such a team and much more at Perry & Young. We always prepare our cases as if they are headed to trial, even when it seems that a settlement might be possible. Remember: Our law firm’s reputation and resources allow us to help trucking accident clients nationwide, so you can depend on us. We have successfully presented cases in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other states in the U.S.

Free initial consultations are available to inquiring truck accident clients. Just dial (850) 215-7777 whenever you can.

  • You Only Pay When You Collect

    Our work is conducted on a contingent fee basis. This means that you pay nothing unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

  • Experienced Trial Attorneys

    Each case is assigned to a lead attorney and a supporting attorney. This ensures continuity during the legal process and enables us to provide responsive service.

  • Hundreds of Millions Recovered

    At Perry & Young Law Firm, we take pride in championing the rights of our clients. We have secured hundreds of millions for our clients. 

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