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Whether you are enjoying a summer holiday at the beach or going for a boat ride on the lake, it is important to keep an eye on your loved ones around the water. Accidents can happen at any time. It is better to be safe than sorry. Here are five water safety tips to keep your children and loved ones safe.

Keep reading for a quick breakdown of five water safety tips for summer.

A Breakdown of the Five Water Safety Tips For Summer

Here are the five water safety tips for summer. Keep you and your family safe around the water.

1. Watch for children
Whether you are at the beach or celebrating a summer birthday party, it is crucial to watch your children closely around the water. Most accidents happen while adults are distracted. It is important to watch children closely and make sure an adult is present. 

2. Swimming Lessons
Help prepare your child for the unimaginable by teaching them how to swim. No matter how young they may be, there are a variety of options available to introduce your child to the water. Even simple skills such as holding your breath can be beneficial in the event of an accident. In recent years, swimming lessons and water introductory classes are readily available for children as early as six months old.  

Find a water safety course near you.

American Red Cross

World Health Organization (Grades Pre-K through 12)

3. Wear Proper Safety Gear
Immediately provide your child with adequate safety gear around the water. Floatation devices such as life jackets can save children from further damage or injury in the event of a boating accident or swimming-related injury.

4. Implement Barriers
It is always a good idea to implement barriers between water and small children to avoid a drowning incident. Homeowners with a pool should have a safety fence around the premises to avoid potential dangers and be held legally accountable for damage or injuries. 

5. Travel In Groups

Travel in groups to ensure there are more than one set of eyes on small children around the water. It is easy for parents or adults to get distracted. This often happens at celebrations or on holidays. Utilize a large group of adults so that no child is left unattended.

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