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Thanksgiving travel tips


Thanksgiving travel safety may not be the first thing on your mind when preparing to go on a long trip. For many, Thanksgiving is a fun holiday to congregate with friends and family. This often involves having to drive long distances to meet with long-lost relatives. With congested roads, however, sometimes motor vehicles happen. This is especially the case during the month of November. Here are five Thanksgiving travel safety tips to keep you and your family prepared during Thanksgiving travel.

  1. Prepare your automobile to travel a long distance. It is very important to do a proper safety check on your vehicle to ensure that all parts are functioning properly.
  2. Avoid unsafe weather conditions if possible. We all know driving in bad weather conditions can cause challenges when operating a vehicle. Try to time your travel around the best possible weather conditions when going a long distance.
  3. Pay close attention to your surroundings. During Thanksgiving, there are many people trying to get where they are going at the same time. Distractions are common when there are so many people on the road. Keeping extra caution can be benefit the safety of you and your passengers.
  4. Check your blindspot. Checking your blindspot might sound like a simple thing. However, this simple task is often ignored. Checking your blindspot is simple but very important in avoiding severe motor vehicle accidents.
  5. Leave early. Traffic collisions tend to happen when everyone is on the road at the same time. Leaving early in the morning can help alleviate any chances of being involved in a traffic collision due to highway congestion and overcroawding on the road.

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Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time. This is especially so during the holidays. Types of accidents that may occur include:

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