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PANAMA CITY, Fla., March 1, 2021 —  After a two-year legal battle, attorneys Larry Perry and Ted Howell fought to recover full policy limits in a sexual abuse case. This particular case had extraordinary legal hurdles. The acts occurred nearly ten years ago when the victim was a minor.

Due to confidentiality rules, the parties are not identified. Thanks to local law enforcement, the perpetrator is serving a prison sentence.

For thirty years, attorney Larry Perry has fought for civil justice of sexual abuse and human trafficking victims. “Although the mental and physical scars of abuse remain with victims during their lifetime, we remain hopeful for this client,” said Larry Perry, senior partner at Perry & Young. “Now, the victim has funds for much needed counseling and the ability to start life anew.”

The attorneys atPerry & Youngare committed to fighting for full justice for their clients and are currently investigating sexual abuse cases involving positions such as doctors, teachers, therapists and EMTs. Prior cases involving misuse of trust and physical abuse include cases against hotel workers, medical personnel, clergy, EMS, and school staff.

Ted Howell, leadership partner at Perry & Young, stated, “We are dedicated to holding accountable the people in these positions who violate the trust that their position holds.”

Larry Perry is licensed in Florida, Alabama and Georgia.  Ted Howell is licensed in Florida and Alabama. The firm has offices in Panama City, Tallahassee, Marianna and Panama City Beach.

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